Born from the personal necessity of fighting climate change, Swim Against was inspired by one of my passions: the ocean and the swimwear to sail it.


We are all becoming more and more aware about the importance of a change. A change of attitude towards life as we know it, where nature is not victim of our progress.  That’s why we want you to join our fight, becoming an agent of change and social transformation.


Let’s transform our bodies into a sign of protest and change. Let’s Swim Against all the bad practices that destroy our environment.  


Our sustainable designs are produced with fabrics made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles (econyl fabric). Nowadays, fishing nets and plastic bottles are the two main causes of ocean’s pollution. It’s estimated that 650.000 tonnes of fishing nets and 100.000 tonnes of plastic bottles are deep inside our oceans. 

Swim Against reduces the environmental impact of these wasted materials by making swimwear with passion and dedication. Our social-protest designs are digitally printed in Mataró and made in Terrassa in a social-integration workshop. We create reversible designs, 2 en 1.  With a swim against, you won't need to buy twice. 


Our swimwear is locally produced in Barcelona under fair trade criteria. Moreover, part of our benefits are given to wildlife conservation NGOs. Every season we collaborate with different projects. 2017 with Ric O'barry Dolphin Project and 2018 and 2019 with Greenpeace.


We are a team united for the same goal: creating awareness among society. We want a society that respects and protects the environment through circular economy, slow-fashion and the value of quality. 



Swim Against Founder